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American Paintings

Timothy W. Grinder Fine Art offers a variety of American paintings, including works by
Boston School artists, Boston expressionists, Rockport and Provincetown painters,
and artists from Maine including Ogunquit and Monhegan Island.

Rouben Ter-Arutunian Set DesignRouben Ter-Arutunian
Anna Baker painting
Anna P. Baker
Oliver Balf watercolor
Oliver Balf
Achsah Barlow painting
Achsah Barlow
Paul Blanton Painting
Paul Blanton
Carle Michel Boog Painting
Carle Michel Boog
Grace Borgenicht painting
Grace Borgenicht
Anne Cary Bradley Maine Painting
Anne Cary Bradley
Viola Burley collage
Viola Burley Leak
Calvin Burnett Painting
Calvin Burnett
Giusepe Cadenasso Pastel
Giuseppe Cadenasso
Kenneth Campbell Abstract Painting
Kenneth Campbell
Vincent Castagnacci paintingVincent Castagnacci
Alfred Chadbourn painting
Alfred Chadbourn
Maurice Compris Painting
Maurice Compris
Hugo Crosthwaite Painting
Hugo Crosthwaite
Francis De Erdely painting
Francis De Erdely
Alfred Fuller Monhegan Painting
Alfred Fuller
Esteban Frances Painting
Esteban Frances
Carol Haerer painting
Carol Haerer
Vincent Hartgen painting
Vincent Hartgen
George Kunkel painting
George Kunkel
Lawrence Kupferman painting
Lawrence Kupferman
Elaine Kurtz painting
Elaine Kurtz
Jean Liberte Monhegan Painting
Jean Liberte
Marcia Lloyd painting
Marcia Lloyd
Beverly McIver Painting
Beverly McIver
Beverly McIver Painting
Beverly McIver
Conger Metcalf Painting
Conger Metcalf
Marilyn Murphy Drawing
Marilyn Murphy
Frank Harmon Myers California Seascape
Frank Harmon Myers
Dan Namingha PaintingDan Namingha
Robert Natkin Painting
Robert Natkin
Alexander Nepote Abstract Painting
Alexander Nepote
Robert Neuman Mixed Media Painting
Robert S. Neuman
Tom Nicholas Painting
Tom Nicholas
Allen Ingles Palmer Painting
Allen Ingles Palmer
Harold Persico Paris Sculpture
Harold Persico Paris
Bertha Menzler Peyton Painting
Bertha Menzler Peyton
Delilah Pierce Painting
Delilah Pierce
Esther Pressoir Painting
Esther Pressoir
Louis Ribak Painting
Louis Ribak
Charles H. Reynolds Taos Painting
Charles H. Reynolds
Tim Rollins & K.O.S. painting
Tim Rollins & K.O.S.
Benjamin Rowland Watercolor
Benjamin Rowland
Charles Searles painting
Charles Searles
Anatol Shulkin paintingAnatol Shulkin
Carroll Sockwell painting
Carrol Sockwell
Joseph Solman Painting
Joseph Solman
Robert Solotaire painting
Robert Solotaire
Agnes Tait painting
Agnes Tait
Henry Grinnell Thomson Painting
Henry Grinnell Thomson
Jonathan Thomas Painting
Jonathan Thomas
Steven Trefonides painting
Steven Trefonides
Tom Vincent Painting
Tom Vincent
Isabella Waldo Portrait
Isabella Vaill Waldo
Gina Werfel Painting
Gina Werfel
Kenneth Young painting
Kenneth Young
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